Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection done by Precision Home Inspection Services is designed for the home buyer.

Whether you are purchasing a small home or a large building, Precision Home Inspection Services is there every step of the way to ensure you encounter no major surprises after you move in.

We provide professional advice on all the major components of the home so that you can make an informed purchase decision. After all, this will be the largest investment of your life. You don’t want to risk unexpected and costly repairs after you move in.


Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing Inspection done by Precision Home Inspection Services is performed for the seller before the house goes on the market.

This kind of inspection is becoming more popular. Sellers are having a home inspection before they list their property so that they can determine the condition of their home and make the necessary repairs. By addressing issues of concern well before an offer is presented, sellers can fend off prospective buyers’ unrealistic price reduction demands to cover those repairs.

Full disclosure protects the sellers and gives the buyers the confidence that due diligence exists. A Pre-Listing Inspection gives sellers a better idea of where they stand and what, if any, additional work the home needs.

This powerful marketing tool also assists real estate agents, allowing them to move the sale faster and more smoothly because issues were addressed early in the sales process. A Pre-Listing Inspection clears the negotiating table of repair issues that can sometimes delay or kill a deal.


Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Most homebuilders offer a one-year warranty with their new homes.

A Builder’s Warranty Inspection done by Precision Home Inspection Services is designed for homeowners. This kind of inspection identifies unknown defects or safety issues that may lead to costly repair bills—but before the warranty period expires.

A Builder’s Warranty Inspection avoids misunderstandings, improves communication between the two parties and expedites repairs.


Don’t Let Your Builder’s Warranty Expire!

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